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Progress and Updates

August 7th, 2018 at 09:41 am

I'm doing well with meeting small goals.

I'm regularly(weekly) transferring $37.50 to the Vanguard money market. Rome wasn't built in a day, nor will my EF. But slow and steady wins the race.

The vacation fund stands at $1,350 cash from DH's side gigs and a dog sitting stint last month. We are actually on our way to vacation paid for in cash.

I am keeping spending down, and actively seeking the best deals when I do need to spend. Tracking spending, however, has fallen by the wayside.

Youngest son has transitioned to park district soccer after he considered it a downgrade from club soccer. Wisest money decision I've made in a long time, and at 13 he's certainly old enough to understand economic choice. Afterall, soccer *is* soccer. And my stepdad (whose an photographic hobbyist) will take some pics of him in his uniform. I'm attempting to replicate the club experience as close as possible. Smile

Also, HUGE STEP HERE and cancelled the landline, saving $45/month overall. We never used it anyhow.

Younger daughter will be returning next week from a summer away as a YMCA camp counselor, $2,000 richer.

Older daughter has decided to take classes online at an in-state 4 year university (last minute) and is paying for them herself. She's making a lot as a nanny and just got a quarter's worth of money from modeling. She's dating a self-supporting young man whose also going to school (last self-supporting boyfriend happened to be a famous youtuber, now I'm just happy she's with NORMAL).

I'm considering subsitute teaching and need to get on that game ($50 for state licensing and $50 for fingerprinting). I'm a bit late on the game of that one, and am also considering part-time work and a class at a time for the MSMOB. I just couldn't feel I was going to make the right choice for right reason on the 13-month accelerated program. I can always enter into that game, but I feel that NO decision is better than the WRONG decision.

DH is STILL waiting on word as the Senior Financial Analyst at his old boss's new company (not his personal one, but where he is employed). He interviewed in late June, but was then advised that the decision was postponed pending the hiring of the new CFO. I think that might work to his advantage as hopefully his competition have all found new jobs! DH is STILL working at the current job, putting out fires and dealing with inter-personal issues with his three remaining coworkers in the northern office. His time is long past up, but a paycheck is a paycheck.

Hope all are well, and I'm off to catch up on the blogs.