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June 21st, 2018 at 09:53 am

New blog as our financial life begins today. (It's me, Laura, aka Deacon's Wife).

Land-lording update:

The tenant signed the lease on rental property yesterday and paid in cash. 15-month lease though expected to stay 18 months minimum. We own this property outright; and current rental is $200 more than previously rented at, and is $150 less than current mortgage payment on primary residence.

Employment outlook:

DH was again extended in his current job (this is a recurring theme for him. Last time it was the merger and he ended up moving into an open position). It's not a good work enviornment, putting out lots of fires and dealing with difficult folks. BUT it's a paycheck.

DH was contacted by his previous boss (who he worked with for 9 years) on a position at a company similar to what he's doing now. It's been an ongoing process (going on like two months now). DH's initial phone interview (45 minutes) didn't go well (his assessment), but there are several positions open and has an interview next week. Fingers crossed. But not feeling immediately urgent in the event it doesn't result in a job offer.

I've got my resume put together and polished up as shiny as it is going to get. I am still unsure about the 13-month accelerated MSMOB program. In the event that I do move forward, I'll need a job and am getting my ducks in a row for subbing in my town.

Other Money Matters:

I contacted the mortgage company about being locked out of my account and not being able to make the payment on the due date, so I simply sent it through the bank. They waived the late fee. Savings of $87.00.

Younger son went for his ortho consultation. It's not nearly as costly as older daughter's issues. There's also no immediate rush and with dental insurance it will be a manageable payment.

Younger son is also getting used to the idea of soccer through the park district. He had a small bout of elitism/snobbery at the fact that he's being downgraded from club soccer. The fee for one year of club soccer (same coach/four team memebrs/and current losing streak from the club we came from two years ago) is $2,200. Plus $175 for the uniform.

[Our decision to go back to soccer is this: he was a very strong player in the club two years ago; when older son quit to play high school soccer, younger son transitioned to football. He isn't going to play FB in high school, so we just need him to get re-acclimated to playing and refresh his skills. I dont' know if he'll be able to play varsity soccer freshman year like his older brother did?]

Three seasons of soccer through the park district is $240 (and that includes futsol in the winter), plus uniform costing $60. And he fits into older brother's cleats from last season.

So we're in a holding pattern money-wise, but it is finally looking better.